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Composition – VORICONAZOLE 200mg
Form –  Tablet
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Voriconazole 200mg Tablet is used to stop the growth of fungus and also used to treat all types of fungal infections. It is serving to destroy the fungi by abolishing the fungal cell membrane.

Voriconazole tablet is used to treat a wide range of infections affected by due to fungi. A fungal infection is created when a fungus occupies and affects any part of the body, including the throat, skin, eyes, lungs, mouth, and blood.

Vorican – 200mg Tablet contains “Voriconazole” which prevents or destroys the fungal infection. The enzyme in the fungus is responsible for its normal fat metabolism, which interferes with the fungal cell membrane creation. Voriconazole uses is fungal cells are destroyed or their growth completely is minimizing.

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