Topcare (Strip of 30 tablets)

Topcare (Strip of 30 tablets)


Topcare is a special nutritional formulation which helps to prevents all kind of hair problems and also treat skin problems. Hair-specific nutrients can help for healthy hair growth, prevent pediculosis and dandruff and promote thickness of hair. It prevents the breakdown of hair and hair loss.

Topcare (Strip of 30 tablets)
Composition: Biotin+ Pantothenic Acid+ Hair Specific Nutrition (Citrus Biotflavinoids PABA, Silicon, Lecithin and Vitamin E)
What is Biotin and Pantothenic acid in Topcare?
Pantothenic acid and biotin are types of B vitamins. They are water-soluble, which means that the body can’t store them.
If the body can’t use the entire vitamin, the extra vitamins leave the body through the urine. These vitamins must be replaced in the body every day. See More…
What are all the Uses of Biotin and Pantothenic acid in Topcare?
Deficiency can lead to hair loss and skin problems.
Mild biotin deficiency is often seen during pregnancy. It can lead to abnormal development in the fetus.
There is some evidence that biotin may improve the strength and durability of fingernails and enhance hair and skin health.
Pantothenic acid and biotin are needed for growth. They help the body break down and use food. This is called metabolism. They are both required for making fatty acids. See more..
What are the Signs of deficiency of Biotin in Topcare?
hair loss, or alopecia
a scaly, red rash around the eyes, nose, mouth, and genitals
numbness and tingling in the hands and feet
a loss of control of bodily movements, known as ataxia
impaired immune function
increased risk of bacterial and fungal infection
What are the Uses of Vitamin E in Topcare?
Vitamin E in Topcare may help support a healthy scalp and hair as it has natural antioxidant effects that could assist with maintaining hair growth.
The vitamin’s antioxidant properties could help reduce the amount of oxidative stress and free radicals that cause the hair follicle cells in a person’s scalp to break down.
Vitamin E in Topcare can help replenish shine that the hair loss as a result of damage. Chemicals, heat, and other styling products can all damage the hair.
What are the Uses of Citrus Bioflavonoids, silicon, and lecithin in Topcare?
Citrus Bioflavonoid in Topcare is typically used in health supplements to support the immune system.
Lecithin and silicon in Topcare can be used as a skin moisturizer. See more..

Topcare Contains

Pantothenic Acid
Hair Specific Nutrition (Citrus Biotflavinoids PABA, Silicon, Lecithin and Vitamin E)