Painout Oil-100 ml

Painout Oil-100 ml

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The pain out oil is one of the most useful oil for pains like joint, knee, back, spondylosis, all types of inflammation and pain, etc. it is a proprietary ayurvedic oil. This must be used only for external purposes. The Ayurvedic Pain out Oil is very much useful and can be used for all joint pains.



Composition: Diclofenac effect

Form: Ayurvedic pain Oil

Manufacturer: Ethix Health Care

The Ayurvedic Pain out Oil can be used for all the joint pains and other inflammation and pains. It is known to be an ayurvedic propriety medicine. It is only for external use. This pain out oil is very much useful for the joint pains. The 100 ml of this pain relief oil has a cooling and refreshing effect that might reduce the stress and will be alleviating the mental exhaustion. The pain relief oil can be used to treat the pain in any body parts, swelling, and muscle pain. This can also help to reduce joint stiffness sprains, backaches, bruising, etc.

The Ayurvedic Pain out Oil is an over the counter product which claims to relieve some minor muscle aches, strain and back pain, etc. this oil is one of the best pain relief oil, particularly for the knee. This oil is best suitable for body massage.

  • Our Painout oil is an ayurvedic product. And it can be used for arthritis, facial palsy, paralysis, lockjaw, fever, neck rigidity, dental pain, cough, backache, rhinitis, cold, etc.
  •  It also helps to increase the blood flow to the surface of the skin, by creating some warming sensation that can able to distract from the pain and stiffness.
  • It will e an immediate remedy for the common cold, back pain, shoulder and neck tension, congestion, etc.
  • While using this Ayurvedic Pain out Oil on your forehead it helps to reduce the headaches tension. This will be as effective as consuming acetaminophen