N95 Mask

N95 Mask


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N95 mask is also known as N95 respirator. It is particulate- filtering respirator face piece. N95 mask help to filter the air born particle N95 mask is one of the best protective mask it helps in protecting 9 type of particle. N95 mask are mostly used for those who are in health care professional. It helps to protect the person from all outbound disease which does not allow inside the body through mouth and nose. It helps to filter 95% f dust particle

Fitting your mask property

  • Trim your facial hair before wearing the mask.
  • Wash your hand well before wearing the mask.
  • Cup the mask in one hand and place the mask over the mouth and adjust it.
  • Pull the bottom and top straps
  • Mold the noise piece around the bridge of the noise.

Checking the seal and removing the mask

  • Breathe through the mask and test for leakage.
  • Remove your mask by pulling the strap
  • Throw away the mask once you used in medical setting

You can reuse the mask until the mask is dry and it fit tightly.

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