Dr.Ethix Love Beard Growth Oil 50ml


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  • Beard oil leads to healthy beard hair growth and formulated with essential ingredients for a soft, shiny and manageable beard.

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Beard Oil Product Description

Beard Oil specially formulated from pure essential herbal oil to boost beard hair growth. This beard growth oil can be used anytime since it is a non-greasy formulation. It only contains natural ingredients, including jojoba oil, argan oil, and vitamin E. It is best to hydrate, moisturize and also leaves a beautiful smell. It is used to treat dry and rough facial hair while helping to stimulate the growth of the beard and mustache. It helps to soften condition, repair dry hairs and nourish the new growth of the beard.

Beard Fashion is back! and the clean shaved faces are long gone. Presently we could see many men flaunting their facial hairs as it gives them a lot of style and fashion possibilities. We could see short, long, curly, straight, and patchy beards which can transform a man’s appearance wonderfully.

Growing such trending moustaches can be possible only with a perfect routine and beard oil is the perfect and healthy option to rely on.


What does beard oil do?

Applying Men’s beard oil is a time honoured routine but when the health, hygiene and style trends are concerned you may require a perfect blend of essential oils. Beard oil helps to grow your beard fast, increase the volume which will give a macho look and options to style it. Using beard oil also helps men with patchy looking beard to grow a full moustache. Beard oil is the best men’s grooming product for a man to have.

Dr. Ethix Love beard oil

Love beard oil is a natural beard oil made with love and a blend of Argan, sweet Almond, Lavender, Cedarwood, rosemary and vitamin E oils and the best beard oil in India. All the essential oils are absorbed by the hair and skin, and give a much softer and lustrous facial hair and condition the beard hair.

Benefits of Beard oil

  1. Conditions and softens coarse and unruly moustache
  2. Adds shine
  3. Promotes healthy hair growth
  4. Moisturizes and soothes
  5. Gives a masculine scent
  6. Blended with essential oils
  7. Contains no harmful chemicals

Will Dr. Ethix Love Beard oil makes my beard oily and greasy?

No, if used as directed the beard hair will start getting its natural shine and fullness.

When should I use the Love beard oil?

Dr. Ethix Love beard oil can be used anytime since it is a non greasy formulation. It is best to hydrate, moisturize and also leaves a beautiful smell. Highly recommended for those who wish have a full beard.

How to Use Dr. Ethix Beard Oil?

Work a small amount of beard oil across the full stretch of your beard with your fingers. Massage gently and groom as you wish your beard to look.


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