Hyjeen V Intimate Wash – Personal Hygiene-180 ML

Hyjeen V Intimate Wash – Personal Hygiene-180 ML

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  • Category – Personal Hygiene
  • Purpose – Itching, Irritation, Infection
  • Form – Liquid


What is Hijeen V?

Hijeen V is a mild soap and water based solution for the intimate areas of Women. This article would be more related by all the women as they are the best person who can understand the issues faced on a daily basis. Almost all the women would have or are experiencing dryness, itch, infection etc around their intimate regions, which ends up or results in vaginal bacterial or fungal infection.

Why do we use Intimate wash?

The skin around the intimate areas and the vaginal areas are completely different from the rest of the body. The texture, tone and the temperature varies with that of the other parts of the body.  The intimate wash for women acts exclusively to pamper the delicate skin and help to keep it moist and healthy round the clock.

In this modern era where 98% of the female population is working, the importance of hygiene has become a significant point to be focused at, The research suggests that the working women are more prone to infections and inflammations Around the perineal region and the vagina. They tend to are being naturally forced to use common toilets at their work place which may result in problems ranging from simple itch to urinary infections. Intimate wash for women is highly recommended for working women in order to take care of their vaginal health and prevent urinary tract or any other infections related to the intimate areas.

How does the Hijeen V intimate wash work?

The solution is carefully manufactured with mild chemicals to suit the skin type of the intimate regions. The solution when used regularly as directed will maintain the actual pH level of the area. The pH level plays the major role when it comes to bacterial or fungal growth. This level has to be maintained between 3.8 and 4.5 in order to prevent any kind of bacterial or fungal infections.

Hijeen V is completely paraben free and soap free with added amazing properties of sea buckthorn oil. These properties helps you keep the skin moist without any dryness and also odor free.

Who can or should use Hijeen V –Intimate wash?

All women who are more prone to itching, dryness and infections can use the solutions to maintain the health and hygiene of the intimate areas. Most importantly the solution is advised to use while on periods, strenuous exercising and during pregnancy.

Which is the best intimate wash to select from?

We have already created the best in the market, but we say so we also understand that all our customers have the right to choose and compare between products. We recommend you to read the label before buying any product and do not get carried away with the packaging and color of the product. Look for the one which is free from alcohol, sulphates andparabens.  Hijeen V is enriched with sea buckthorn oil to make you feel dry, free from itch, remove unpleasant ordor, maintain the pH and prevent from all infections. Sea buckthorn is an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which help keep the skin healthy.

How to use Hijeen V, the best intimate wash?

We insist on being regular rather than being generous while using the Hyjeen V intimate wash. Take few drops onto your palms work on your palms first and then apply on the intimate regions across and around. We do not advise to work the solution inside the vagina rather focus on the surrounding areas. Last step would be to rinse the area thoroughly. Regular usage of the intimate wash will keep you away from the issues pertaining to intimate areas.

“Freedom from itch, rash, dryness and infection”