Ethix Gym Body 100% Whey Protein Powder – Muscle Gain Powder 500g

Ethix Gym Body 100% Whey Protein Powder – Muscle Gain Powder 500g

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  • Category – Nutritional Supplements
  • Purpose – Muscle Gain Powder
  • Form – Powder
  • 1 Quantity – 500g

How to build my biceps and triceps?

Dr. Ethix products and services has the answer for you and it is Gym Body Powder. The gym body powder is a whey protein supplement enriched and fortified with required natural vitamins and minerals to build the muscle bulk and body you are craving for.

We are living in a very sedentary life style left out with very little time to exercise and improve the stamina and build muscle bulk. The Gym Body Powder is an ultimate boon to all men who want to transform themselves and become more attractive, strong and confident.

The protein supplement is made of natural products and is a combination of whey and casein protein which essential to build the lean body mass in our body.

Who can use Gym Body Powder?

Men who wish to build the lean body mass can be more beneficial with the regular usage of The Gym Body Powder.  Those with a very lean stature, body building and those who want to increase and work out particular muscle mass like biceps or triceps etc can use the Gym Body for maximum results in a shorter period.

How do I use the Gym Body Powder?

The protein supplement is advised to take an hour before and after the exercise to have the maximum results. If your target is to improve the stamina and increase body weight, it can be used once every morning with hot water or milk. If you are a professional body builder you have to make sure you use the supplement within an hour after exercise.

How well does the Gym Body Powder work for me?

The muscle as such requires protein to build the fibers and also for healing. The protein supplements when taken after the exercise helps in the healing of the sore muscles and formation of new muscle fibers which gives a shape and bulk to the muscles.

Can I use it without exercising daily?

Gym powder is a protein supplement which has its maximum action when you exercise on a daily basis or 3 days a week. However, when taken individually without exercise the supplement intake has to be reduced to once daily and the proportion also to be reduced otherwise you can end up putting on unwanted weight in your body.

How long will it take to build the muscle bulk?

Every individual have a unique levels of endurance and healing capabilities. On a maximum while focusing on a particular muscle mass it will take somewhere between one to two months to achieve the expected target. Still the results depends on the amount of exercise and regularity of the usage.

Benefits of Gym Body Powder

  1. Improve stamina
  2. Increase muscle bulk
  3. Improve the body stature
  4. Improve endurance and strength
  5. Helps in body building process.

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