3 Ply A-Grade Mask

3 Ply A-Grade Mask


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MOHINI’S Disposable surgeon’s face mask will have 3 layers which help to protect the person. The 3 layers are inner, middle and outer layers.

The functions of 3 layers are listed below:

Outer Layer- Outer layer helps to block the outside droplets and it is water resistant.

Middle Layer- Middle layer is the filtration layer which block germs, bacteria, pollutions dust etc and it is also known as meltblown.

Inner Layer- Inner layer will observe inner moisture and it is skin friendly.


  • It has the adjustable clip in the Nose pin.
  • It has universal fitted ear loops.
  • It has 3 layer of filtration.
  • Helps to breathe freely and it feels soft and smooth.
  • It keeps out from particles, dust and other agents.

What is the Procedure to wear the mask?

    • Wash your Hand.
    • Properly locate the metallic strip on the noise bridge.
    • Secure the strip over the ears.
    • Cover the nose and mouth fully check it is secured.
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