Physiotherapy Services
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Physiotherapy Services

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Physiotherapy Services

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We are here for you with home visit Qualified Physiotherapist for your health. Happy Living is Possible with wellnezzone Physiotherapy Services at home.

Book Home Visit Physiotherapist support for short and long term

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Physiotherapy at Home Available Now | Call +91 9597710333

**Introducing Women's Fitness Plan

Women's Fitness plan is the best way to get good Physical and Mental health. Aims to incorporate Weight management, Balance training, Flexibility improvement, Antenatal and Post natal exercise

Amazing Benefits

* Muscles and Bone Strengthening

* Weight Management

* Flexibility Improvement

* Improves Sleep

* Posture Correction

* Promote Good Physical and Mental Health

* Helps to correct Thyroid problems, PCOD and Infertility

Physiotherapy Services Available Now | Call +91 9597710333

Our expertise help you with assessments and treat patients with specialized care. We identify and maximize movement potential through health promotion, home care advices , postural correction , treatment and rehabilitation. We aim to improve ur standard of living providing highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists at your convenience .

How will the Physiotherapists help?

Our physiotherapists are well experienced with a vast knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and exercise therapy and bio mechanics. They will help you in diagnosis, treatment plan and management, rehabilitation, preventive measures and ergonomic care Physiotherapy treatments are evidence-based, and often involve hands-on intervention including muscle and joint mobilization, education and exercise prescription.

when you need us the most?

Shoulder & Neck Pain

Joint Replacement

Neuro Rehab


Low Back Pain


Pregnancy & Postpartum

Geriatrics Rehabilitation

Knee Pain

Sport Injuries

Treatment available includes:

Sports massage, Laser Therapy for pain relief and help with infertility Ultrasound Strapping, Joint mobilizationsand manipulation, Stretches, Deep transverse frictions, Hot and cold therapy, Manual lymphatic drainage for management of lymphedema, Provision of orthotics and rehab.

Stroke rehabilitation,Neurophysiotherapy and Respiratory physiotherapy, Treatment for Back and neck injuries, Sports injuries, Work related injuries following car accidents, Rehabilitation following fractures or surgery arthritis.

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Physiotherapy Services Available Now | Call +91 9597710333

Why Choose Wellnezzone Physiotherapy Services?

We have an excellent team of Physiotherapists rendering rehabilitation for patients to enhance their quality of life. We assist our patients, improve their muscle strength, muscle coordination and balance – which leads to increased mobility and enhances physical activities. We also offering female physiotherapists for women’s requirements with highly comfortable sessions.

Highly Qualified Physiotherapist

Personalized Care

Convenience & Cost Effectiveness

Faster Healing Process

Better Time Management

Improved Quality of Life

Queries about wellnezzone Physiotherapy Services

Our main purpose is to ease your pain, improve physical and mental health, improve mobility or ability, rehabilitation, manage chronic illness, and help you to live a better life .

1.Assesses and provides individualized treatment plan
2.Provides pain relief to patients of all ages
3.Help you to recover at home
4.Restore, maintain and brings the best out of a patient’s mobility, function and abilities.
5. Prevents injuries, deformities using various methods such as electrotherapy modalities , exercise, home advises , ergonomics and home care.
6. Helps to treat orthopaedic, neurological, paediatric and cardiopulmonary diseases.

Elderly people/ Geriatrics
Orthopedic conditions
Neurological conditions
Paediatric conditions
Sports injury
Women’s health

Need a Personal Health Care?

Physiotherapy Services Available Now | Call +91 9597710333

Electrotherapy unit

We have a separate electrotherapy unit for certain procedures such as Increase in deep blood vessel circulation, Relaxing the muscle fibers tension, Soft tissue stiffness release, Relaxing the fascia and fibers, Perfusion and metabolic changes results in focal sustained contraction,muscle deconditioning pulse ultrasound therapy improves sustained muscle contraction by increasing the permeability of the cell membrane Improves intracellular energy consumption Increases angiogenesis in ischemic tissues repair. Our electrotherapy unit consists of interferential therapy, ultrasound therapy, cervical/lumbar traction,muscle stimulator, wax therapy and laser therapy

Rehabilitation unit

Rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary process which helps an individual to develop or strengthen their mental, physical and social skills. These interventions aims to optimize functioning and reduce disability in individuals with health conditions such as neurological conditions, orthopaedic, musculoskeletal and other medical conditions. We provide a complete rehabilitation and management service assessing the patient’s ability to function independently and return to his/her daily activities.

Exercise unit

In Wellnezzone physiotherapy services we provide a wide range of products as a exercise unit such as hand grip exerciser, pedo cycle, quadriceps chair, arm and chest exerciser, foot exerciser, hand gym kit board, compact shoulder wheel, shoulder wheel, suspension frame with suspension gears, multi exercise chair, corner chair, ankle exerciser, multi therapy with rowing machine and postural training mirror (postural training mirror). our exercise unit provides various assisted and resisted exercises, passive and assisted movements, stretching exercises, and various exercise techniques to improve the range of motion.

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