Pharmacy Store Franchise

Ethix Industries Inc., a conglomerate company offers MEDZONE a low-investment, high margin Chain of Medical Shops, in Pharmacy Store Franchise Network, We provide franchisees with world class top quality products and services that help our franchise to own a high profit making professional pharmacy. If your Goal is to work independently as a boss and have a strong zeal to succeed, MEDZONE Franchise provides you the ideal opportunity to reach your Goals. The basic need is your Sincere Hard Work to implement our concepts and strategies which is assigned by us time to time. MEDZONE pharmacy is the perfect destination for over 10 lakh customers daily across India for all their medicine and FMCG needs. The Brand stands for Top Quality & High Margin.
Our Service:

  1. Sourcing of all products from our own cGMP & ISO Certified 3 manufacturing plants.
  2. Own Injection, Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Cosmetic, Ayurveda factories in S E Z.
  3. Superior shop layout as per Govt. Norms.
  4. Proper storage conditions & Cold Storage will be arranged.
  5. Systematic Expiry & Stock Inventory Record Maintaining by Centralised System.
  6. Continuous Training for billing & counter sales.
  7. Software to generate the Automatic Purchase Order based on the sales & closing stocks.
  8. Assistance to take Retail & Wholesales Drug License Numbers & Sales Tax numbers
  9. Our own high margin and top quality 1000+ Health Care Products
  10. Ethical Marketing Network to bring the Doctor’s Prescription Support.
  11. TRADE MARK registered 400+ own brands such as Antibiotics, Pain Killer, Dry Syrups, Tonics, Sachets, Ointments, Soaps, Face wash, Shampoo, Juices, FMCG, OTC brands will be provided to sell on demand / prescriptions to have a very good margins.
  12. Guidance for Zero Compromise Name Board & Interior Designing Works.

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