Pharmacy Franchise

MedZone*, is India’s most trusted Chain of Pharmacy, an integral part of Ethix Health Care  a conglomerate company serving the medical fraternity for over 2 decades, driven by highly educated and well experienced passionate pharmaceucal professionals. If your goal is to work independently as a boss and have a strong zeal to succeed, provides the ideal opportunity MedZone* to reach your goal. It requires your sincere hard work to implement our business strategies. MedZone* pharmacy is the perfect desnaon for over 1000’s of customers daily for all their medicine needs, across India. franchise business model, supports you with monopoly MedZone* right, equity ownership, autonomy, management of your own business and long lasng relaonship with your customers, which forms the base for a profitable service industry in your preferred locaon.

Our Service:

  • Sourcing of all products from our own cGMP & ISO Certified 3 manufacturing plants.
  • Own Injection, Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Cosmetic, Ayurveda factories in S E Z.
  • Superior shop layout as per Govt. Norms.
  • Proper storage conditions & Cold Storage will be arranged.
  • Systematic Expiry & Stock Inventory Record Maintaining by Centralised System.
  • Continuous Training for billing & counter sales.
  • Software to generate the Automatic Purchase Order based on the sales & closing stocks.
  • Assistance to take Retail & Wholesales Drug License Numbers & Sales Tax numbers
  • Our own high margin and top quality 1000+ Health Care Products
  • Ethical Marketing Network to bring the Doctor’s Prescription Support.
  • TRADE MARK registered 400+ own brands such as Antibiotics, Pain Killer, Dry Syrups, Tonics, Sachets, Ointments, Soaps, Face wash, Shampoo, Juices, FMCG, OTC brands will be provided to sell on demand / prescriptions to have a very good margins.
  • Guidance for Zero Compromise Name Board & Interior Designing Works.


  • Inventory management systems to identify buying patterns locally and ensure
  • Seamless integration of online and offline channels to cater to long tail needs
  • Order booking through online or call centre
  • Complete purchase history and ability to print bills available to customer through online portal
  • Hassle free returns and exchanges through store
  • Cash discounts or rewards through Rewards loyalty program
  • A BIG Discounts on FMCG and OTC products
  • Higher savings on private label products

Why Medzone Franchise

  • Immediate recognition for your Sincere Hard work.
  • Rapid scale up as part of a leading and trusted pharmacy network
  • Proven business model with great long term potential business benefits.
  • Low investment with a high return
  • Site selection assistance provided by company
  • Staff training provided by company
  • Company will help with the interior design, fit out, and provide the necessary IT systems
  • A dedicated warehouse in each State will ensure rapid supply of all products to the store in 1 day
  • Company will supply bar coded products to facilitate easy billing and complete traceability
  • Dedicated account managers and support staff will provide operational support
  • Dedicated ATL marketing activities in every city funded by the company to build brand awareness and pull customers to store
  • A wide selection of attractive, high quality private label products will enable the franchisee to maximize profits
  • State of the art technology platform and support to manage sales and inventory seamlessly


We select franchisees who are a good fit to our organization’s ideals and share the same zeal for delivering excellent customer care. We conduct several rounds of screening before inviting franchisees as partners. We are looking for franchisees who:

  • Are operational owners rather than just investors
  • Are present in the store daily and managing the day to day operations [involvement]
  • Have a high level of commitment and are willing to work hard to grow fast.
  • Are willing to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the company and the rules of the Govt.
  • Are having the positive attitude of entrepreneurial

A previous business and pharmacy experience would be helpful but not mandatory


All the States & Cities

Store location in community main streets and residential neighbourhoods

Walk-in, air-conditioned stores with convenient waiting area


Basic Requirements to become our Franchise:

Franchise fee Rs.1,50,000/= [One Lac & Eighty Five Thousands Only] this franchise fee will give you the following services :

  • We provide you the stocks worth of Rs. 1,85,000/- with the discount of 30% on its MRP.

[Including the products of OTC, FMCG, Allopathic, Cosmetic & Ayurveda]

  • The concept and the name board designing [in .cdr format]
  • We assist you to take the Drug Licence numbers [20B & 21B] and the Sales tax [CST& TIN] numbers from the Concern Govt Dept.
  • We will provide you the FRANCHISE AGREEMENT for the minimum period of 3 months to the maximum period of 3 years. [Renewal is subject to the satisfaction of business relationship between the company and the franchise]


Duration to Begin the Business Process:

We provide you the complete guidance within 15 days, after franchise fee’s full payment realisation.

  • We will provide OTC brands -Like Alma, Aloevera, Noni, Cosmetics, Ayurveda &etc.
  • We will provide allopathic drugs for day to day use such as anti-cold tablet, antibiotic and pain killers
  • We will provide all leading companies prescription products ex: (Antibiotic, Cardio, Ortho, etc.)
  • which most very fast based on doctors prescription
  • We sell all medicine with 12% cash discount and all fmcg (LikeHorlicks, boost) on 6% discount.
  • We will give 30% to 70% margin OTC, FMCG, Ayurvedic, Allopathic, Cosmetic & prescription products which is manufactured by our own 3 factories in Special Economic Zone.

Basic needs to start the franchise

  1. Space required:
    ft. Minimum with well furnished interiors like Tiles on floor and painted walls. Preferred store location:Main commercial street of residential neighbourhoods, ground floor with good visibility and frontage, with unrestricted access and availability of street parking
  2. Personal [Staffs]: {company will assist you for getting the staffs}
    1. 1 person for billing with accounts knowledge &
    2. 1 pharmacist with the educational qualification of D.Pharm or B.Pharm
    3. with the minimum experience in the relevant field for 1 year.
  3. Interior and Office Equipments:
    1. 10 to 20 SS [stainless Steel] Racks -To keep the medicines, [Franchise Choice]
    2. 1 Refrigerator to keep antibiotic medicines [Franchise Choice]
    3. Glass door with auto door closer [Franchise Choice]
    4. 2 Chairs & 1 Printer [Franchise Choice]
    5. 1.5 ton Air Conditioner [window or split] [Franchise Choice]
    6. Name board [Company Choice]
    7. 1 Computer & the Software [Company Choice]

Profit Margin

Approximate Rs.2,00,000/= [Two Lacs Only] per month as your ROI [Return on investment]

Revenue: Expected Revenue per month: with the right location and a committed franchisee, a shop can expect to have revenues of around 2 lacs per month.

Stocks on Credit Basis

We supply 400+ our products with 30 to 90 days credit period, which gives you breathing time in business while you reach the Breakeven Point

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