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24/7 care and Home care Services support for short and long term stays

Home health care is the professional support extended beyond the hospital at the comfort of anyone’s home. Professional care givers, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists etc are involved to offer the best of care at the safety of their home.

Various types of Home care services include?
Professional home care aims to reach the highest possible quality of life for the ailing patients at home.• Support with daily activities
• Assistance for the tasks around the house
• Therapy and rehabilitative services
• Short term or long term nursing care services for conditions, disease- which may include tracheostomy, and ventilator care.

There is an experienced inflation in hospitalization charges and another important reason being lack of carers and want of their time. Home care services are more cost effective compared to the hospital charges and the very reason that you can take care of your loved ones being close to them at a very reasonable pricing makes it the best way forward.

1. Are you looking for someone to take care of your parents in their old age with the same compassion?
2. Have you been operated recently and need post surgical assistance and rehabilitation?
3. Does any of your loved ones require hospice services (Cancer, terminal illness, etc)
4. Are you a new parent and looking for a support to take care of your new born baby?
5. Do you have someone who is ailing with chronic condition and requires 24/7 health monitoring?
6. Have you been prescribed for continuous course of injections and medications and you require a nurse?
7. Do you have a special kid and are looking for rehabilitation services?
8. Is your loved one bedridden and you are looking for support?

We are available at a calls reach to your door step. You need to make a call and enquire for the services you are looking for. Our nurse in charge will do the assessment and put the suitable nurse/carer/physiotherapist/occupational therapist at your service.

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How to approach Home Care Services?

Wellnezzone is emerging as the leading provider of home care nursing services, operating in Chennai and catering to other parts of Tamil Nadu. Our expertise in health care industry for more than 20 years offers us the advantage and opportunity to provide the best home care nurse for those who are in need of immediate care like bedridden patients or elderly care which in turn may be independant living or assisted living care.

Our home nurses are exclusively trained to serve the patients at the comfort of theri home with utmost care, passion and compassion. Wellnezzone home health care involves and encompasses many services which are in demand for the elder population. The services are all provided by our registered nurses, physiotherapists, lab technicians and occupational theroapist based on the requirements.

Although everyone are aware of the increasing demand of health care services at home, we are also not hidden by the fact that these services are still out of reach of many people in need in terms of cost and charges involved. Wellnezzone Home Care Services in order to break the stereotype and at the same time keep the quality intact has come up with customized rating and pricing based on the initial assessment made by the nurse incharge.

Quality Health Care At Home

Health Care at door step is a more appropriate and convenient option available after any illness, injury or for senior citizens. Home health care includes a wide range of skilled medicical and non medical care along with social services or assistance with daily activitie for those in need.