AMLA Juice

AMLA Juice

AMLA Juice, The Indian Gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica) is one of the group of Myrobalans , the potent health rejuvenator as per Ayurvedic textbooks.

AMLA Juice

Amla is a perennial plant available throughout the Indian continent. Amla’s fruit extract has a mixture of sweet & sour taste. The fruit extract are the rich source of Vitamin A&C, the immunity boosters&  powerful anti oxidants.  In addition, Amla Juice contains vital minerals like Calcium, Iron &Sodium without which our human body cannot function efficiently.

It Health benefits:

It helps to improves digestion, cures stomach ulcers, builds immunity, treats cold, wards off free radicals and maintains good health.

In short, Amla tonic is helps all to lead an active life and is ideal for all ages.  

We at Ethix, prepare the extract from Amla fruits, picked from the pristine plains of Himachal Pradesh  and thus ,Ethix’s Amla product is in its purest form.

Amla Juice- Dosage:

Two tablespoonful(30 ml), three times a day ________________________________________________________________________________

“Amla for active Life”


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